A softer toothbrush is good for your oral health

Washing your face sometimes makes your lips dry, so be sure to apply lip balm after you wash your face at night!Use chap stick before applying lipstick or gloss, so it doesn’t dry out your lips.

Try to completely ignore your lips. If you keep thinking about them, it will tempt you to keep messing with them.
Small circles are a good form, and spend at least 25-30 seconds on each bracket.Use the softer toothbrush after you get them tightened. It is a lot less painful!Always remember to go inside where the metal wires are. Do this with a thin brush provided by your dentist.Don’t be afraid about braces – a lot of people have them.Don’t brush too hard and use warm water (not too hot).Do not use toothpaste with whitening–it will cause discoloration when you get your braces off.Get an inter-proximal brush; it is good for getting into the tight spots.

Do not lick your lips. Not only will it remove the lip balm, but it also dries out your lips. Although it may relieve your discomfort for a few moments, the condition of your chapped lips will worsen.Brush lips gently with a soft brush-clean, of course!Vaseline-it works like magic. Within a few hours, the dry skin will have disappeared and your lips will be beautiful.

Margarine works well. Smear some on, and leave for about half an hour.Baby Oil is also good. Apply to your lips and gently smooth out.Wet your lips with water, then seal the moisture in with lip balm. For great-looking lips, put on lip gloss or lip stick. Now go off and show off those lips!
Don’t chew your lips-this will irritate them and make the dryness worse.Don’t worry about them-some lip gloss will cover it up nicely.Do not even TRY and put on anything that is toxic-or something that you are allergic to.

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